Too Much to Lose

I am Becky Teel, wife of 43 years to Ken, mom of adult boys, Justin, Preston, Brennen. August 24, 2012 we had an impromptu "spend the night" company. It was a joy. My brother Dan, his wife, Brenda and a great friend from San Antonio, Lavera were going to be together just for a few hours. Now I feel it was the Lord who put that plan in place.

Dan heard the officer at our door and came to wake me. 1:38 am I woke immediately with the dread "it can't be good". A phone was handed to me with a number to be dialed... Fumbling fingers couldn't make contact. A voice on the other side..."your son has been in an accident, we have worked on him... But    Couldn't    Save    Him.

Too much to lose. Too much I wanted to say. Too much to feel.  Too much pain. Dan, Brenda, Lavera... Knowing but not knowing. Dan took the phone. I made my way to a bed ensconcing a sleeping daddy...I had to wake him, but how? I had to tell him, but how? I had to watch him scream... WHY?? Two brothers needed to be called. One in Dallas, one in California... Their cries haunt me.

Brennen's accident wasn't a car wreck, a gun, alcohol, drugs or cancer... Brennen's "accident" was a gas line, A GAS LINE inside a friends home. Ross and Meg Rushing, their three little guys in Lubbock Texas...A home that they sought for safety in a storm.

Lightning struck the chimney, compromising the CSST pipe carrying gas. The gas escaped the pipe filling the attic. A bomb was Brennen stood beneath the attic access door.  That being the weakest part became the trigger. Firemen responded before the call... they heard the blast.

....Too much to what we know.....As life now.