Your son is the best gift God could have given me in college.

Little did I know Brennen would be the one to make me so many more home cooked meals in the future. 🙂

I truly considered him my BEST friend and confided in him. He was ALWAYS there for me and taught me so much. He taught me confidence, how to let loose, how to have fun, how to cook, loyalty, and what friendship really meant. And in return I taught him a few things too... like, how to do laundry, how to clean his house, how to go to class... Well, I tried to teach him those things. haha. It really turned into me coming over and doing his laundry, and me cleaning his house. 🙂 I didn't mind though. It was the very least I could do for him. He was so much more to me and I could never repay him.

How I wish I would have known that would be the last time I would have seem him. I would have eaten slower, ordered dessert, and sat with him as long as I could.

Mrs. Teel your son was my best friend. He was a gift from God. He taught me so much about myself and about life and I am truly honored and blessed to have called him my friend. And he LOVED you and Mr. Teel. He talked about you both all the time. I felt like I knew you myself. 🙂 He was a very proud son. (He even took me to the hospital in Rockwall to show off everything his dad had done to build it.)