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About CSST:

IMG_4008CSST is flexible, corrugated stainless steel tubing used to supply natural gas and propane in homes, schools, hospitals, commercial and industrial buildings. It is not the same product as an appliance connector, which is a similar flexible piping that connects directly to moveable appliances —like ovens, hot water heaters, grills, ranges or dryers —from the wall or floor. CSST piping is an extremely thin-walled piping system that can be routed beneath, through and alongside the basement joists, inside the interior wall cavity or through attic spaces. The thinness of the tubing wall makes it susceptible to damage from direct and in-direct lightning strikes to the structure where it is used.  Unlike black iron pipe, which easily withstands the affects of lightning, CSST wall thickness is readily breached when arching occurs.  Testing reveals that when a pinhole in the wall of the CSST is created by arcing, ignition of the leaking gas can occur leading to a gas-fuel fire in the structure.


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